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How to increase scrap metals trading profits with technology

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Trading in commodities is more challenging than ever before with less liquidity in the market, making it more costly to trade. Ongoing geopolitical instability together with supply and demand shifts contribute to continued price volatility. Whether you are a trading firm, producer, refiner, broker, fabricator, Brady’s commodity software solutions help you to:

-    Trade in new markets quickly

-    Make more informed business decisions

-    Execute trading lifecycle processes more efficiently

-    Have a tighter control on costs

-    Reduce financial and operational risk

-    Be compliant with industry regulations

Key features at a glance

Derivatives and physical contracts

Standard, derivatives & physical
Capture and value OTC and exchange traded metals and agricultural commodity contracts

Data insights

Data intelligence
Measure mark-to-market positions, market and credit risks and P&L throughout the day

Cost control
Lower costs with automated workflows across key processes in the trading lifecycle

Logistics Management

Logistics management
Manage inventory and storage with a single view across different locations


Communicate with multiple parties internal and external more efficiently


Adhere to regulations such as EMIR, MIFID II, Dodd Frank and CCPs

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